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Gospell is a community-edited Christian music platform that gives you access to thousands of Christian songs, for free. People use Gospell to listen to songs, upload their creations and create songbooks of their favorite Christian music.

Christian devotional music has a beauty and grace that captivates listeners all over the world. And now here's the first, the largest and most comprehensive collection of hymns online- www.gospell.org. It has been founded by VGP Pradeep Rajadas, a young entrepreneur born and raised in Chennai, himself a talented musician. With this collection, he aims to bring together every kind of Christian devotional song-old and new, sung by all denominations, in all languages-complete with lyrics, audio, music sheet, and even beautiful images. The collection looks to be growing, with more and more users adding songs from their personal collections, and even editing the songs that are already there.

The website was launched for public beta on December 8th, 2013. Since then, the site has grown by leaps and bounds - adding over 25,000 songs in these three months.

There have been over one lakh views already, though it's still in the 'beta' or testing stage. In a short while, it is hoped that the Archbishop of Madras-Mylapore, the most Rev. Dr George Antonyswamy, will dedicate the site to Christians and Christ-like people all over the world. His Grace has already seen and approved of the site. This user-friendly site encourages you to log in, either with your Facebook id, or create your own account, browse through the vast collection, listen, edit, or even 'like' a song, start a discussion, make friends, create your own songbook and have a great time listening to the songs which people down the ages have sung for the love of God.

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