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Gordon "Grant" Curtis To Co-Chair Campden European Family Office Roundtable

Mr. Gordon "Grant" Curtis will host a round table discussion with leading expert Mark Shapley of London in Lombardy, Italy. Attending the conference are many family office executives and beneficiaries from various parts of the world.

Gordon "Grant" Curtis, Executive Director & CIO for CI Investments, SFO of Ticino, Switzerland, will co-chair a roundtable event with Mark Shapley--noted Family Office Executive of London, England--in the Lombardy region of Italy on May 14th, 2014.

As part of a symposium event, invited attendees from many family offices will discuss the next evolutionary steps for family office entities. Mr. Curtis has lead a third party family office nestled in the Alps of Switzerland for almost a decade. Under his direction, the family office has seen dramatic growth both in terms of assets as well as members and continues to stay ahead of the curve through his unique insight.

"Given the new global economy aspects of business, one must be sensitive to the affects for local considerations related to core interests and how they are now versus how they might evolve over time. Although no one has a crystal ball, it is quite obvious that the fundamental communication obstacles that once held back rapid globalization have now been removed as a result of telecommunications and the Internet. Supporting this has been better physical access from air and sea travel; but the response to many emerging nation 'would be' travelers, is somewhat more restrictive than ever.

Accordingly, the very affluent need to be cognizant of many more issues then ever before, including security and possible resentment from those who have been exposed to better life visions, but have many barriers to participation. So what might be the next steps in prospering and bridging a variety of gaps that now exist? I will let you know in the next interview after this conference on my way to Singapore to attend another similar event."

Mr. Curtis has been and remains an entertaining individual and is highly enlightened from his extensive world travel and vast network of associates throughout the world. There are few who are as worldly and with a core, and on the ground appreciation for what is real, in contrast to what might be in the popular media.

CI Investments, SFO sponsors Gordon "Grant" Curtis world travels for a multitude of reasons including philanthropic, investment, asset protection, security and globalization concerns.

Jay Tipton, Publicist

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