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Offering a bespoke service Gordon & Company aim to match home seekers with their ideal property in Scotland. Their expertise in locating properties to match client specifications makes Gordon & Company the premier property search agents in Scotland.

The company acts purely for the buyer and never the seller when carrying out property searches in Scotland. Their knowledge of the Scottish market is also a huge benefit to the client as it saves time being wasted when looking for homes. It should also be remembered that many suitable properties for sale never appear in estate agent's windows. Gordon & Company, if they believe a particular property is a perfect match for the home seeker as Home Search Agents in Scotland, will find it.

For example, if a client wants to live in the Scottish capital the company, in their role as property finders Edinburgh will assist him or her in locating and securing a home. Also while carrying out property searches in Scotland Gordon & Company will, if appropriate, contact the owners of properties or their agents in a bid to secure for the client the exact type of home they desire. What is unique about Gordon & Company is the way they carry out their work. In order to match a client with the ideal home several factors are taken into account.

These factors include not only the amount of money the home seeker is prepared to spend, but also their likes and dislikes and the lifestyle they prefer to enjoy as well as the local amenities. Matching a property with a client is crucial. Buying a home is the biggest and most expensive decision anyone can make and the prospective purchaser must be totally sure he is making the right decision. Gordon & Company will ensure that all factors are taken into account as the client decides whether or not to make the purchase.

The company will itself take pictures of the property ensuring that not only its best features, but also its worst are shown to the would-be buyer. Should the client decide a purchase is worth pursuing Gordon & Company will then arrange for the property to be viewed. As leading home finding agents in Scotland they will also negotiate the best price for the property possible. The key to the Gordon & Company ethos is that the interests of the home seeker are always paramount. The client will never be put under any pressure to close a deal. For a property search in Scotland home buyers will be given all the time they need to find their ideal home.

A home search can be particularly stressful especially for those who do not know Scotland. By using the services of Gordon & Company the strain is taken off the client's shoulder as the property search is carried out by professionals with an intimate knowledge of Scotland and its property market.

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