Google Autocomplete Fixed By Affordable Reputation Management - Multiple Case Studies Cited

Numerous Google Autocomplete cases have been corrected by Affordable Reputation Management, a small Portland, Oregon agency that helps clients clear up their online reputation.

Affordable Reputation Management has several case studies documenting how they have successfully fixed an individual's autocomplete problem in Google, it was announced today.

Company President Mike Munter had this to say:

"We took on our first case in early 2013 as a test for a client who found us online. Within a few months, we were able to knock out a negative suggestion about her and replace it with 10 new positive terms."

Google autocomplete is the suggestions you see when you enter a search query. They appear quickly and help speed consumers through the search process by "autofilling" popular terms others have looked for.

Unfortunately, many individuals and some businesses are met with nasty suggestions when they Google their brand name. Terms like arrest, scam, ripoff, jail, sentencing, and other terms lead curious searches to click the negative suggestion.

"When consumers click on your negative suggestions, it just makes the problem worse," Munter added. "That's why you need to get out in front of this issue before the negative term gets stronger."

Munter's company has helped several people "clean up" their suggestions in a matter of months.

A full rundown of the case studies, including the tactics used can be found at http://changegoogleautocomplete.com/case-study/.

To change the suggestions, you need lots of search activity around positive terms. Once Google recognizes this, the negative terms are pushed out and replaced with your favorable suggestions.

"The process takes a few months for most cases," Munter continues, "But some clients take longer, especially if the results are localized."

Localized suggestions mean that the suggestions seen in one city are different than the suggestions seen in another city.

"Usually, we only see this on higher volume cases. It can be challenging to change results that have 'gone local' because you have to have people IN that city performing the searches."

Either way, getting your autocomplete suggestions fixed in Google and Bing is important for any individual or brand expecting to generate business from through the internet.

For more information on pricing to change Google Autocomplete, visit http://affordablereputationmanagement.com/costs/

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