Good Health And Excellent Insurance Are Important For Entry Into Canada

It is of course possible to go to Canada for medical purposes. For example, there are some Canadian specialists who are renowned for treating patients with a specific illness or disease.

In most countries in the world, one of the requirements for foreign visitors is a clean bill of health. If it is not possible to produce that, then visitors should at least be able to show that they do not have a contagious, high-risk health condition, and that they have medical insurance.

Why is it important for foreign tourists to be in excellent health? Because governments need to be sure that that visiting foreigners do not bring in diseases and illnesses that can cause harm to the local population.

Governments are also concerned about having the resources to provide free medical assistance to their citizens and taxpayers, which may not be possible if this service is also offered to foreigners. Canada for one does not offer free medical and hospital services for foreign visitors, hence the necessity of a health insurance package. Having private insurance in place also ensures that foreigners receive medical attention without delay. Since there is a higher possibility of older people requiring medical attention, Super Visa insurance is one of the most important requirements for the Super Visa (which is only available to parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents). Actually, health insurance is a major requirement for any kind of Canadian visa.

It is of course possible to go to Canada for medical purposes. For example, there are some Canadian specialists who are renowned for treating patients with a specific illness or disease. This falls within the medical tourism industry. At present there are no ground rules for international medical tourism, although people who want to visit Canada for medical treatment may have to present letters of recommendation from their doctors in order to be granted a visa (if they are from countries whose citizens require a visa) quickly. The following additional requirements are necessary for both patients and their traveling companions:

-That the medical and hospital care in Canada must be paid for by the patient.
-That the patients and their companions do not have criminal records, or currently suffer contagious diseases.
-That the patients and their companions have valid passports and other required traveling documents.
-That the patient have a letter of invitation, in this case a letter of acceptance as a patient from the physician whom the patient hopes to consult with.
-That everyone in the party will leave Canada as soon as the medical treatments/procedures are completed and the physician has signed the patient's release papers.

Foreigners who are visiting Canada as tourists are expected to take precautions as well in order to remain healthy while staying in the country. They are advised to bring clothing that is suitable for the weather and climate of the province they are visiting, and to practice safety in all of their activities. Visitors should also allow their body to adjust to the Canadian palate, especially if it is vastly different from the cuisine that they are used to. Staying healthy is usually simply about applying common sense to your day-to-day decisions.

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