Goldtouch Launches New Enterprise-Focused Website

Goldtouch, the industry leader in mobile ergonomics, announced the launch of its new enterprise-focused website today.

The site features a store with intuitive navigation, a blog resource center, and enterprise and reseller-targeted sections stocked with helpful videos and white papers. The site is located at

Specifically designed to highlight the ROI of the company's ergonomic keyboards, mice and peripheral, the website offers a wealth of helpful information. A new Enterprise Solutions section offers an introduction to the field of office ergonomics and suggests implementation tips for getting the most value out of Goldtouch ergonomic products. In-depth case studies illuminate the clear ROI of ergonomics for companies looking to cut down on the workers' compensation claims, health insurance premiums, and the financial losses associated with absenteeism.

The launch also includes the addition of a blog, which examines how consumers can successfully integrate ergonomic products into their working lives and also discusses how to be more productive and healthy throughout their careers.

"Our ergonomic products are specifically designed with comfort and long term organizational savings in mind," says Mark Norwalk, CEO of Goldtouch. "There is a direct relationship between comfort at work and workforce efficiency and productivity. The new website provides our customers with an in-depth look into the many ways Goldtouch ergonomic products can change the shape of the workplace."

The site also features an easy to navigate store, with related products grouped. The checkout process has been streamlined and PayPal payments are now accepted.

The website launch is part of a larger company initiative to make it easier for individuals, CEOs, risk managers to make the case for ergonomics across their organizations. According to OSHA estimates, Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs) are a serious threat not only to the health of the workforce but also to the company bottom line, with approximately $20 billion dollars in workers' compensation claims paid every year. The exact cost of lost productivity and high absenteeism rates are unknown but significant. Goldtouch products are lightweight, fully customizable to the individual and can sync with any workplace, both at home and on the go.

Learn more about the website and the company's ergonomic products at

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