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The Gold IRA Group would like to announce the launch of their new website located at

We are pleased to announce the official launch of our brand new website
The Gold IRA Group is a professional website featuring a wealth of information on gold and silver investing, gold IRA's, reviews of companies who provide precious metals, and much more.

We spend hours researching each gold IRA provider, both the well known ones who advertise on television, as well as the smaller, less known companies. We look closely at their rating from the major consumer advocate groups like TrustLink and the bca. We examine the content of their websites for value to the Gold IRA investor. What products are available? Fees? How is the customer service? We know that good customer service is the key to any business, so we contact them all by phone to inquire about various products and services. This is so that we can relate an actual customer service experience to our readers, not one based on someone else's experience.

With the dismal state of our economy, gold and silver are investments that everyone should consider. Buying physical gold and silver is an instant hedge against inflation because gold and silver are 100% inflation proof. A quick look at the news will reveal that chaos across the globe causes the price of gold to increase. As our national debt nears the $18 trillion dollar mark, now is an excellent time to at least consider putting some of your portfolio into gold and silver.

A gold IRA is easy and quick to setup, you get to manage the IRA yourself, and the precious metals in the IRA actually belong to you, not some mutual fund. We recommend those curious about Gold IRA's to visit our website and learn why gold means financial security. Sign up for a free gold investors kit with no obligation to purchase.

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