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Gold Coast Spray Tans is a spray tanning business that specialises in natural looking spray tans.

Tanning has become a trend among Australians who want to feel confident with the radiant looking complexion of sun-kissed skin, as if coming from a trip to the Caribbean. In the past, men and women go through the hassle of applying orange tanning lotions at home, only to end up with patchy or streaky complexion. In the advent of new technologies in the field of health and beauty, spray tanning has been introduced as easiest and most cost-effective way to get a beautiful tan that cover veins and cellulite, and creates a slimming, vibrant and youthful appeal.

Gold Coast Spray Tans showcases the Gold Coast wedding spray tan, organic spray tan and mobile spray tan solutions that provide every Australian the no-fuss, natural looking, flawless tan - without having to worry about harmful chemicals. Gold Coast Spray Tans offer the light, medium or dark spray tan options that last for roughly 7 to 10 days, or even up to 2 weeks with proper aftercare.

Notably, spray tan Gold Coast products help people achieve beautiful, natural looking tan without exposing themselves to harmful cancer causing UV rays. The Australia-made product, which comes with the "No Orange" guarantee, is applied by Australia's leading spray tan technician Melissa Lastelle on the Gold Coast.

Nicole from Currumbin talks about her Gold Coast Spray Tan experience: "I want to start off by saying Melissa is one of the kindest and friendliest people I've ever met in the beauty industry. I've been a loyal customer over the past 12 months and can't recommend her highly enough! I've had horrendous tans in the past that look orange, streaky and dirty but Melissa's tans are always a beautiful colour and very even. She never misses a spot; she even does the side of my neck and hands!"

Gold Coast maintains a clientele consisting of celebrity clients and models. For clients who prefer private tanning, the professional home studio in Robina offers tanning services.

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