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Godot Media Sees Big Growth in Content Marketing Investment by Small Businesses in 2013

Godot Media is a leading professional content writing firm, providing end to end content marketing solutions to businesses.

Leading professional writing services firm - Godot Media, predicts a huge growth in the content marketing budgets of small and growing businesses. Spending on content writing and marketing activities by small business has been increasing for the past few years and according to the company, this trend is definitely going to continue in 2013. Company spokesperson Jessica Davis highlighted the fact that the company is receiving a huge demand for high quality content from businesses.

The results of a survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs backs these company forecasts. According to these findings, companies are increasingly using content marketing as their main inbound marketing strategy. This year, about one-third of the marketing budget of content marketers was spent on content marketing, which is a huge jump from the 26% seen last year. "More importantly, according to the survey results more than 50% of respondents plan on increasing their content marketing budgets in 2013. "This is exciting news for us as we can expect an enormous rise in demand for our services." said Davis.

The results also showed that businesses are using a diverse range of content tactics this year. The use of mobile, video and research report types of content increased greatly this year. Social media marketing trends have also been published in this survey report. Although businesses are using the same five social media distribution channels as the past two years, this year LinkedIn replaced Twitter as the top social network of choice.

Surprisingly, respondents have said that their biggest challenge this year was producing enough content. Many small businesses are looking to professional writing companies like Godot Media to overcome such challenges. "Our clients are asking for a high volume of content that is focused on originality of ideas and thoughts." Davis stated. Although, volume was the biggest concern for businesses this year, clients of Godot Media demand and receive high quality and engaging content.

Blogs and eBooks were rated as one of the most effective content marketing tactics. Keeping these trends in mind, Godot Media has already launched new standard and customized blog packages adding to the content writing, eBook writing, landing page content and social media services that they already provide. The company suggests that businesses generate engaging content for top social media sites and their blogs to increase visibility, lead generation and brand awareness.

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