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Globe's Business Centers Delight Waiting Customers With Instore Radio

One of the country's premiere telecommunications company enhances its business center services with an instore radio, taking the boredom out of waiting in line for customers.

One of the country's premiere telecommunications company enhances its business center services with an instore radio, taking the boredom out of waiting in line for customers. This move not only serves the telecom company's goal of entertaining its loyal patrons with great music, but also ensures a pleasurable listening experience. It also allows Globe's business centers to personalize their "airwaves" with music and ads of their choosing, creating a positive impression on visitors. The music also relaxes them, allowing for a more easy and delightful transaction.

In addition, the instore radio serves as a vehicle for the company to put out special announcements and even promotions in its branches. The benefit of that is, it takes the burden off the company's employees in telling each and every customer about pertinent information, like new services or store schedules. It also gives Globe full control of what they want their clients to hear, ensuring that the sounds are unique, recognizable, and suitable to their needs.

Helping the telecom company achieve this amazing service enhancement is audioWAV. Part of the WAV Atmospheric Branding Group, audioWAV aims to maximize the many opportunities that a personalized instore radio can provide. Using tested, high-quality audio equipment and expert knowledge of audio dynamics, audioWAV effectively extends the reach of any store through localized content.

Through audioWAV's instore radio, Globe increases its customers' awareness of the brand, as they can associate the distinctive sound with the store. It is just like certain songs reminding one of a past event, person, or object. And though still a novelty in the country, instore radios are slowly gaining popularity, especially when businesses learn its marketing power. It is cheaper, as well, than designing and printing out flyers and posters, which just turns to trash after its intended period of use.

Ultimately, through the instore radio, Globe Telecom's goal to make each visit a positive experience for customers is realized.

About Globe Telecom

One of the leaders in the telecommunications industry in the Philippines, Globe Telecom, or Globe, provides fixed line, mobile, and broadband Internet services. Today, it has more than 12,000 base stations situated all over the country. Its more than 7,000 cellular sites support 2G, 3G, and 4G services, as well as its wireless broadband service, WiMAX.

Besides these basic services, Globe also offers international roaming capability, SMS messaging, as well as landline phone services under the Globelines brand name. Also under Globe Telecom, Inc. is Touch Mobile, which provides a more affordable mobile communication option for its subscribers.

Globe Telecommunications is a public-listed company that was incorporated way back in 1935 by The Robert Dollar Company from the United States. Today, it is co-owned by SingTel, among Singapore's major telecommunications company, and Ayala Corporation, the Philippines' largest and oldest conglomerate companies, and is headquartered in Mandaluyong City. With these excellent entities behind Globe, providing world-class communications services is but a simple task. This also ensures that the company's vision of "making great things possible" is just as easy to achieve.

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