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GlobalWebPay - new Euro service GlobalWebPay, the safe and quick way to send money overseas !

International money transfer company GlobalWebPay has today announced new improvements to its service.

The first of these is the ability to send Euros to all member countries of the EEC.

Money transfer companies have traditionally focused on sending local currency to recipients across a range of countries.

Due to the volatility of some currencies more and more people from abroad are opening Euro accounts back home for savings, investments and mortgages in an attempt to protect their earnings. Additionally many companies producing goods in the EEC now quote prices in Euros to ensure their prices are harmonised across the region.

GlobalWebPay customers with UK bank accounts now have the choice of making low cost international payments into local currency or Euro accounts.

The list of countries in countries to benefit from this new Euro-account functionality include; Bulgaria, The Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

GlobalWebPay have also made further improvements to the website by improving its service to non-English language visitors with an optional multilingual website. Choose to make international money transfers in over fifty languages.

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GlobalWebPay is a company dedicated to making online international money transfer as easy as possible to all European consumers. Our mission is to make money transfer fast and painless - allowing users to send money anywhere in the world at low cost.

Key Features
The hassle-free way to pay overseas - it's low cost and convenient.

* £4.75 fixed fee
* Competitive exchange rates
* No hidden fees
* Pay with bank account or debit card
* Pay to recipient bank accounts
* Send to over 30 countries
* Using over 15 currencies

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