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GlobaLinks Learning Abroad and ViewYou Partner to Enhance Internship Placement Process by Utilizing Video Resumes

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad has established a partnership with ViewYou to allow students to create stunning video profiles to further personalize the internship placement process.

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad, a leading international organization with over 23 years of experience in facilitating study abroad and internship programs across the globe promoting academic, cultural, personal, career, and social discovery, is partnering with ViewYou, LLC to provide internship participants the opportunity to fully express their goals and ambitions as professionals through the creation of video resumes and professional profiles.

ViewYou allows motivated job seekers the ability to create easily shareable comprehensive profiles giving potential employers and internship supervisors insight into the candidate's personality, aspirations and interpersonal skills. Firms, corporations and government agencies may also subscribe to search candidate profiles.

As an enhancement to our industry award-winning, Personal Brand Toolbox, the GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Internship team will utilize students' ViewYou profiles and video resumes to further personalize the internship placement process. Video resumes give participants the opportunity to share their professional goals, learning objectives, and the skills and experiences they will bring to internship organizations around the world. As alumni of the Global Career-Building Internship Program, students will be able to continue to use their portfolio for future employment opportunities and a way to articulate their international internship experience through video.

"We want to continue to provide our program participants with the latest in career development tools to help put them on a path to career success. Online videos are a growing trend to help employment seekers standout from their competition, giving them a tool to express themselves in a more dynamic way than paper", said Barbara West, Director of Internship Programs at GlobaLinks Learning Abroad. "We believe the ViewYou profiles will enrich our global internship placement process by making our participants standout against other candidates. Whether the prospective intern is from the United States, the UK, Australia, or Germany, ViewYou offers a platform that can easily be shared with our internship sites worldwide."

"The GlobaLinks user is the ideal candidate for a ViewYou profile and we are privileged to be working with GlobaLinks Learning Abroad," said Rick Anderson, ViewYou Founder and CEO. "(GlobaLinks) students will have a safe and efficient way to showcase their language skills, verbalize their passions and provide all of their necessary documentation instantly to anyone in the world. We are proud to partner with GlobaLinks and are excited to be adding our platform to the unique and personalized services they offer."

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