Global Supply Crunch in Gold as the Prices Fall Down

Gold miners limiting their supply and concentrating on highest quality deposits

As the gold prices are falling and the demands are increasing, but that is not really helping the whole market as the gold miners are restricting to only highest quality deposits. This is going to cause a decline in global supply of gold. Miners are responding to the fall in prices and they are cutting down unprofitable operations and marginal deposits.

As of course the profitability of miners' is in a declining position they have reacted naturally a normal market function, but the investors seem upset due to the shortcoming in supply. As this is a high time to buy gold and invest in it as much as possible, but the shortfall has landed investor into a tied hands situation. The shortfall in the gold supply may help the price rise but that is not going to be the only factor.

The legendary investor Jim Slater also mentioned "Should economic events take a disappointing turn, causing a flight back to gold, demand levels may exceed supply, creating a global supply crunch."

At this time when world is facing a supply crunch investor are looking for the best places to buy gold online dealers still seem to meet the demand of small and medium investor. Major setback is faced by the large volume investors, whereas small players of the market are still enjoying a profitable position.

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