Global Finance Of South Africa Now Offering Blacklisted Loan For People With Bad Credit is a South Africa-based loan broker that sources loans for people with bad credit.

Qualifying for a loan is generally a simple process in South Africa. When a borrower has a bad credit score, however, obtaining a personal loan can be difficult. An important factor regarding the approval of a loan is based on the credit history of the applicant; as such, it is a popular belief that people with poor credit have ruined their chances of getting a loan.

Global Finance is a Cape Town-based company that specializes in getting loans for blacklisted individuals. It offers a viable option for borrowers who have been turned down by their bank, and think they don't stand a chance in renovating their house; buying their own furniture; starting their own business; paying for their studies; making their dream weddings come true; spending the perfect holidays; or consolidating their debt.

Since 2000, Global Finance has helped many individuals who have had trouble with obtaining financial assistance. Among its satisfied clients is Thomas Dolo from Johannesburg, South Africa who enthuses about the company at "Global Finance helped me when I needed it most and my bank didn't want to."

According to Global Finance, most banks do not lend money to people who they view as high risk clients. As such, approaching a bank may be a challenge for people who do not have an excellent credit history. During the approval process the bank, as well as other financial institutions, will request a credit report from one of the credit bureaus and may decline the loan based on the history, which can negatively affect their credit score further.

No matter what their credit score is or how many black marks exist on their credit record, people applying for a loan at Global Finance will not be discriminated against. Its customers will have access to lenders who specialize in loans for people with poor credit and are able to offer blacklisted loans.

Global Finance aims to help people obtain blacklisted loans, granting them personal loans of up to R100,000. The website also provides visitors with a no-obligation quote in minutes to make everything on a borrower's part less time-consuming and highly advanced.

For more information about the loan services available from Global Finance, visit for more details.

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