Global E-channel Expanded by 33% in 2013 According to Icecat. Greek & Eastern European E-channels Defied Crisis.

Highlights E-channel 2013 • Global e-channel expanded by 33% in 2013 • Greek & CEE e-channel defies crisis • HP leads in IT, Philips in Consumer Electronics • Mobile cases, Coffee-makers & Lighting surge

Global E-channel expands by 33% in 2013 and generates 2 Billion data-sheet downloads.
The number of connected channel partners has expanded in 2013 with 33% compared to 2012. In 2013 Icecat facilitated 2 Billion data-sheet downloads for products from 7.469 different brands in 163 different countries. A data-sheet contains a product's specifications as standardized by Icecat, and additional data permitted by the respective brand. The numbers of monitored brands increased with 26% and the number of supported categories grew 17%. The number of supported ecommerce platforms increased steeply with 43%.

Philips closing gap with HP as global e-channel brand
The relative position of the champion of the e-channel, HP (17% share) is under pressure in 2013. The difference with a runner up, now Philips (6% share), has never been so small. The global e-channel is increasingly an ICT & Electronics channels. In the top 10 E-Channel Brands, there are no big surprises, but Canon and Toshiba are relatively in decline.

The fastest growing brand in the global e-channel, as measured by Icecat, is Philips' coffeemaker brand Saeco. Saeco scores high as its brand is relatively new in the e-channel, and it benefits from Philips' (+258%) assertive e-channel strategies. Other fast-growth brands, like MicroScreen (+758%) and Equip (+523%) are more expectable computer accessory brands.

Mobile cases, Coffee-makers and Lighting surge
Although Tablets (+162%) and Smartphones (+110%) make the headlines and do well, they are in the global e-channel just categories 29 and 37. And although the same headlines declare Notebooks (+29%) dead, it's the most dominant category.

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