GlipMe Sync 2.5: Two-way Sync Between Any Smartphone and Cloud Address Book

Now you can insert, edit or delete contacts from your phone to your, personal or company-wide, "living address book". Without any additional "app".

GlipMe Sync allows you to syncronize any mobile device with GlipMe cloud address book. Starting from today it performs a full two-way syncronization.

Today you can add a new contact, edit or delete an existing one, directly on your smartphone or tablet, and it will be also updated in your cloud address book, and in every connected device!

You can work on an Android, Windows Phone, iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, Windows 8, etc. device. Use what you love, GlipMe is open and you will be free to choose. GlipMe doesn't force you to download a new "app" or change your habits: you can work using your preferred contact manager on your smartphone, as usual. GlipMe will sync it! You can also use many different devices, or change your smartphone, and you will find your full address book always updated and available where you need it.

As usual, everybody in your workgroup (if you have a Business account) will receive your updates. GlipMe is a big resources for every company.

GlipMe can be activated on

Introducing GlipMe, your living address book
GlipMe is your private or company address book, a cloud platform that allows to manage own contacts and that "turns relationships into assets".
It's a powerful service, that also automatically manages and updates addresses, either from social networks or directly contacting people. Users will have correct data available, without efforts and mistakes, always available on the Web, on personal smartphones, on PC and tablet's traditional contacts management app.

GlipMe is a service of Huge! srl
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