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Glasses 2 You Remain a Firm Favourite for Prescription Sunglasses

Glasses 2 You remain a leading online optician for those looking for high quality prescription sunglasses.

Glasses 2 You is a UK based online optician who focus on value. The company provides customers with the highest quality lenses and frames at the lowest possible prices.

The company has been proving their service to UK residents for a number of years and are now considered a top choice for those looking for prescription sunglasses for the summer months.

According to Glasses 2 You, their high quality frames and lenses which are sourced from reputable suppliers and their affordable prices make it possible for customers to afford prescription sunglasses, paying a fraction of what the same would cost on the high street.

A spokesman from Glasses 2 You advised us that the company was formed to provide UK customers with good prices on their prescription eyewear. "We trade online so we don't have the same overheads the high street stores have, this means we are able to offer fantastic discounted prices without compromising on quality."

The company uses a qualified dispensing optician to makes the glasses based on the customers most recent eye prescription. Once the customer has their prescription, they are able to visit the Glasses 2 You website, browse through the hundreds of different frame options and package options and choose the best match based on their personal requirements.

Glasses 2 You have also made the selection process easy for their customers by providing a virtual mirror. The virtual mirror enables the customer to upload their photograph and then try on various frames in the comfort of their own home. There is also the option to share the pictures with family and friends either via email or social media, getting honest feedback before making any final decisions.

The company has an easy ordering process on their regular spectacles and prescription sunglasses. Customer can choose the frame and then follow the easy steps as they checkout, making their selection as they go. The company continues to exceed their customer's expectations when it comes to the final price, the last step of the checkout process.

Glasses 2 You constantly offer special promotional offers, ensuring that their focus on value is never compromised. They believe their dedication to customer service, their high quality frames and lenses and their affordable prices is what has pushed them to the forefront of their industry.

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