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Glasses 2 You Offer 10% Discount on Selection of Prescription Glasses

Glasses 2 You, a leading online optometrist in the UK, are lowering their prices this season with a further ten percent discount on prescription glasses.

Glasses 2 You have been offering their services online for nine years with exceptional success. This team are dedicated to providing customers with a high quality pair of glasses at an affordable price. The quality matches those you would find on the high street.

Glasses 2 You have carefully selected each frame they offer to ensure it meets their high expectations when it comes to quality. They then offer free lenses with the majority of their prescription glasses along with a further ten percent discount this festive season.

A spokesman from Glasses 2 You advised us that they are a qualified dispensing optometrist. "All our customer needs is their recent prescription, they can then choose frames, try them on in a virtual world, get their friends feedback and then have their prescription glasses delivered to their door."

One of the main reasons people choose a high street optometrist is to try the specs on. Glasses 2 You realised they needed to add an element that enables their customers to enjoy the same service. Customers can have up to five frames delivered to their door at an additional cost, to see which pair best suits them or they can take to the virtual world.

Customers can now choose the frames they like and then share the photographs on their social media site to see what their friends and family have to say before committing to a purchase.

The advantage that Glasses 2 You offers their customers is the ability to have glasses for every occasion at the same price they would pay for one pair on the high street.

Often customers will need more than one pair of specs, one for work and one for play or a back up pair in case they damage their main pair. More people are choosing prescription glasses over contact lenses these days due to the comfort they provide.

Glasses are lightweight, affordable and come with a scratch-resistant coating on the lenses ensuring that they are made to last for a long time.

Glasses 2 You have been growing in demand as people have realised the advantages to using this online optometrist and they look forward to the year ahead where they expect their tenth year of business to be a bumper one.

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