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'Glamour Goes South' Web Series with Michelle Workman Premieres on Zillow Blog

Interior designer Michelle Workman launches the new season of her web series

The first episode of 'Glamour Goes South' Season 2 premiered earlier this month on New episodes will air the first Thursday of every month, as a special feature via the Zillow blog.

Series Summary
After years of designing for an elite clientele in Los Angeles, Michelle Workman has packed up her family and headed south to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Season two of 'Glamour Goes South' will chronicle the renovation of Workman's new home (purchased sight unseen), the search for new clients in Chattanooga (while juggling existing jobs in LA) and the attempt to work within a strict remodeling budget. A tension for any married couple, let alone when one of them is an interior designer. Tune in to watch the family's adjustment as they transition to a southern way of life.

About Michelle
Michelle Workman is known for her glamorous style that epitomizes Hollywood elegance. Her work has graced the homes of such A-list Celebrities as Jennifer Lopez, John Travolta, Topher Grace and Kirstie Alley, as well as an Oscar nominated Producer, and Hollywoods "behind the scenes" stars: Writers. She has also worked on the homes of Silicon Valley's top executives, and Manhattan's socialites. Workman is the tastemaker to the influencers of the world. To learn more about Michelle, view her professional portfolio and website

Listen to Michelle and Justin discuss the series launch, as well as what inspired their gutsy move from Los Angeles to a simple southern town like Chattanooga, during an interview with Huffington Post Live

View the premiere episode

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