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he intimate communication that letters create builds stronger relationships between you and your children.

Give Jesus : By Jehremiah C. Asis. 195 pages
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"Dear Reader,

'Give Jesus' was written to inspire an entire generation of parents to turn their hearts towards their children.

The intimate communication that letters create builds stronger relationships between you and your children. By writing letters with the deliberate intent of teaching Godly principles to your children, there is a better chance that they will grow up to love the Lord and obey His commandments. I believe that hearts transformed in this manner is the best legacy a parent can leave this world. This, in turn, becomes the foundation for the positive and lasting transformation of society. I have included as a special annex two letters of Senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino to his children. These letters demonstrate some of the principles discussed inside.

If you desire this to be your legacy, consider reading and applying the principles of 'Give Jesus'. May the letters you write to your children cause you to turn your hearts to them and may they turn their hearts to you.

I pray you will be blessed through this book.

-Jehremiah C. Asis"

"GIVE JESUS is a simple guide that promotes a culture of close, intimate communication between parents and their children through the simple act of letter writing - a lost, but crucial link between parent and child. Far more than just words on a page, letters become keepsakes and milestones on one's life, treasured memories worth far more than any jewel. Imagine when such deep significance is deliberately used to teach, inspire, or affirm a child, to train him up on God's ways." - Craig Hill
Pastor Craig Hill and his wife, Jan, live near Denver, Colorado, USA. Craig and Jan give senior leadership to Family Foundations International (FFI). FFI is a non-profit Christian ministry through which life-changing seminars are conducted in many nations of the world. Craig has written several books, including his best seller, The Ancient Paths

Through his past experience in business, missions, counseling and pastoral ministry, God has given Craig unique insight into marriage, family, financial and interpersonal relationships. This has resulted in his ability to identify for many people, root causes of relational conflict, compulsive habits, low self-esteem, workaholism, lack of financial provision and other undesirable life patterns, which are repeated from one generation to the next. By interweaving personal stories with biblical truths, God has anointed Craig to pierce through the veil of the mind to minister to the depths of the heart, resulting in real life change for many.

The purpose of Family Foundations is to help churches re-establish in families the biblical foundations that cause life to work and people to prosper from one generation to the next. The primary tool which the Lord has given us to initiate this process, is the Family Foundations Ancient Paths Seminar (Formerly, "From Curse To Blessing"). In the Ancient Paths Seminar, we identify and minister to the participants regarding seven critical times in life when we are more vulnerable to receive either "God's true image", or "Satan's false image" of our own identity and destiny.

Craig Hill book, The Ancient Paths, provides a more complete description of the material covered in the Basic Seminar and the overall ministry of Family Foundations International. If you wish to order this book, or other books and audio teachings from our Bookstore please call, fax or phone us at the ministry address and phone numbers. I look forward to partnering with you in the restoration of biblical family foundations in the lives of God's people throughout the world.

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