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New look for ToppDog89 accompanies launch of new site 'Texting A Girl', designed to help single guys in the dating scene that struggle with girls that don't text back.

Blue Shirt Solutions announces the release of their radically re-designed website in conjunction with the launch of their 'Texting A Girl' website. All the great information regarding real estate wealth, weight loss, Pace roof & pavement products, the funny & motivational blog, along with their partnership store is still available only in a new format.

"It was long overdue. We really needed to update the look & feel of our site to stay current with the valuable content we aim to provide for our subscribers" CEO Ken Kopasky stated.

The new 'Texting A Girl' website is dedicated to teaching proper dating skills for guys in today's high tech world, which means, how to text a girl to gain her interest, get her to respond, and ultimately, lead to actual dates. 'Girl doesn't text back' is a common phrase heard among guys in the single scene these days. Once upon a time, the goal was to get a girl to call you back, or even answer her phone if you were able to 'get the digits'. Now, it's a whole new scene, and knowing some proper texting skills is a must if you want to keep her interest. The site also has some old fashioned advice like where, and how to meet girls that are girlfriend material, and tips on how to best start a conversation with that special girl. We want our readers to acquire all skills, and knowledge necessary to be successful in what many consider to be a harsh single scene.

Ken is particularly proud of the partnership with Click on the S|T|O|R|E Tab to view this amazing store that has everything you can find on Amazon. b.s.s. has pledged to donate 10% of all the store's profits to charities. Subscribers to the b.s.s. newsletter suggest charities to have donations made to, and each month, a new charity is chosen. So join the subscription to the right, have some fun shopping, and suggest a charity of your choice to funnel some funds to.

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