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Gifts from Devotion Launches New Spiritual Lightworkers Course

In attempt to heal the world David Adelson urges people to help find the missing Lightworkers and help them shine with the International Lightworkers Course.

Through Divine Connection David Adelson has developed a way to shift the world as we know it. In an attempt to make this shift David put together a special course to share this information.

"The energies on the earth are changing to heart-centered love," says David Adelson, founder of "In everything we do, touching the hearts of others will soon be humanity's highest priority."

Tens of thousands of kind, compassionate, caring beings came to earth to help during this dramatic shift in world awareness. They are prosperous, affluent, loved and respected. Every day is a good day with many achievements, but getting ready for bed they know something is amiss; they've missed something important. They just don't know what it is.

To help usher in this new paradigm on May 24th, 2014 David is offering the International Lightworkers Course via teleseminar. In addition to creating this world shift, the course will guide lost Lightworkers and individuals "missing something" in their lives to their purpose.

For these people the solution is simple. Internationally successful spiritual developer and teacher David Adelson is offering the International Lightworkers Course, a simple ten lesson program designed to clear, heal, remind and re-set these people on their true purpose: helping world awareness grow.

For more information on the International Lightworkers Course, or to interview David, please call 213-505-2947 or email

In addition to offering personal consultations worldwide, Adelson has developed more than 150 powerful spiritual healing products that have been used successfully in more than 15 countries and 28 states in the U.S. privately, in 22-office businesses, even in stadiums. He has been called a "spiritual genius", "beyond brilliant", and "humble and joyous".

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