Gifts for Geeks: Computer Programmer Bridges Tech and Fine Art

Working Part-time on Proprietary Software, Tom Bates Creates Fine Art Prints with Images Based on Math and Science

SACRAMENTO, California - December 14, 2009 - Tom Bates struggled with connecting his artistic and his scientific sides, first switching his college major from architecture to physics, and then spending years as a computer programmer while writing a program that would let him express science and math concepts in a visually beautiful way. His program is now functional (software is never finished), and he's bridged the gap between art and science.
You may know or be one of those techie people who also feel the tug of two worlds, the aesthetic and the logical/scientific. December 25th is fast approaching, and Tom's digital prints are available for shipping. What better gift for a professor's office, a dorm room, or the home of a techie? These prints also bridge the gap between the techie and his or her art-loving spouse.
Perfect as a gift for the techie in your life, these prints are visually appealing to the non-techie. For those with a technical background, the back story of the image adds to the enjoyment. For those who appreciate art, they're techie art that won't be sent to the den or the garage.
Visit www.betweenartandscience to put a smile on the face of the techie you love.

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