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Gifting Wine Glass Charms

People are always looking for just the right gift. This year that perfect gift for many people is their own set of personalized collectible wine glass charms. Choose from different styles or design your own, and find the perfect gift for everyone.

Wine drinking always enjoys a boost during the holiday season, and this year, those numbers are expected to be higher than ever as more and more people are learning that drinking wine isn't reserved for the upper crust opening fifty-year-old bottles. Many wines these days are being made with an eye for consumption sooner rather than later, and with these new flavors and styles, there is a lifestyle, especially among younger people, that is growing along with it. It is just as important to have the accessories to go with the wine as it is the wine itself, which is why wine glass charms have become such a popular item to give as a gift.

"People are always saying that they never know what to get people." Recently, Woodsy Wino's President and CEO released a statement introducing the new designers who had joined her company. "Likewise, they are also saying that they need to bring a bottle of wine to the next party they are going to. We thought this was the perfect opportunity to introduce handcrafted, unique, fun items to enhance the wine-drinking experience and offer the perfect gift selection, as well."

Not only do the charms serve as a way to identify whose glass is whose, they are also a fun way to start conversations and can even be used as a party game. What the host does it let each guest select their own wine glass charm, but they need to do their best to not let anyone see what it is. Once the party has been going on for a while, the host then collects the glasses and arranges them on a table. Finally, the guests have to try to guess which glass goes with which person based on their personality and the design of the charm on their glass. It is a fun way to get people talking to each other as they try to learn what they can about each other before the game begins.

Jack Terry has been known to select the "wrong" wine glass charms just to throw people off when they play the game.

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