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Paranormal information service provider, Ghost Pubs, attended a recent tasting event in Manchester to gain awareness about the benefits of gin, its applications, and its demographic consumption.

Phil Carney of Ghost Pubs attended G and Teatime tasting event in January 2014 to promote the many uses of gin. A representative of Ghost Pubs was among the attendees at the recent event of G and Teatime (organized by Drinking Classes Ltd.), which was held at the Rain Bar, 80 Great Bridgewater in Manchester on Sunday January 12, 2014.

The event was attended by approximately thirty people. Ghost Pubs used the event as an occasion to better understand the uses of gin. In attending the event, Ghost Pubs hoped to become aware of the benefits of gin, its applications and its demographic consumption. According to Phil Carney of Ghost Pubs, "We've been in need to understand the consumer drinking patterns, using participant observation, as well as analyzing trend data."

Ghost Pubs are part of Carnotaurus. It has two websites: and . The second of the sites is a pub directory, which holds comments about public houses. The emphasis of the website is to include only those public houses that are still trading. The first website includes pubs that are either haunted or closed. Where haunted, there is often a note or story about the haunting entity. Also, there is a range of other services associated with Ghost Pubs.

To find out about how the Ghost Pubs, check out the company's main website page. We are the chaps involved in running We have noticed that almost sixty public houses close each month. Therefore, given the success of myPUBGUIDE, we thought it would be a good idea to launch a similar website for drinking establishments that are haunted, closed, abandoned, and demolished.

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