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Getting Caught Up in Wires? Save Time and Money with the Cabletac System

If you're looking for a solution which allows you to instantly bond low-voltage cables - Techsil has the answer! Tecbond 342 is a fast-setting, high viscosity white hotmelt adhesive perfectly suited to the installation of cables in the telephone,

The cabletac system offered by Techsil comes with 2 gun options - wired or wireless. The gastec600 is ideal for those of you who need to be 100% portable, where as the tec805 comes into its own for those of you who need that little bit extra output. Both guns work perfectly with the tecbond342 cabletac adhesive. There is a hard case available which either gun fits inside, along with space for glue sticks, silicone tec mat and other accessories - making it the perfect option for portability.

Wireless Cabletac System (gastec 600)

The gastec600 is a totally portable, robust compact hotmelt glue gun that runs on butane gas. It does not require mains electricity or batteries but operates using easily refillable LEC (Liquid Energy Cells) power technology. Each LEC gas cartridge refills in just 15 seconds - sufficient to keep the Gastec 600 running for approximately 1 ½ hours. The Gastec 600 has been built to a very high standard and incorporates a soft feel handle and full-hand trigger, making it a very comfortable gun to use.

• Gives you the freedom to work virtually anywhere as there are no power cables and no need to an electrical power source

• Is easy to use and offers great accessibility, making it ideal for trickier applications.

• Avoids the aggravation and extra costs involved from broken wires cause by some other cable attachment methods.

• Avoids the risk of damage to walls and other surfaces caused by conventional tools such as hammers etc.

Wired Cabletac System (tec 805)

The tec805 is a low cost medium size industrial 12mm glue gun, which an eco heater chamber designed for low power consumption, yet it still very robust and easy to use. The tec805 has a medium output, with a 3 minute warm up time.

• Offers extra output for those who need it.

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