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Julian Holder, Managing Director of Xclusive Touch, discusses the benefits of the company and having membership for London clubs and events.

London is a clubber's paradise! Full to the brim of exciting nightclubs, parties and events, there is something for everyone in the city. London regularly plays host to some of the best events in the UK and is famed for its diverse nightlife. London is also a city which is famed for its large population, meaning that nightclubs and events can often sell out quickly, with little chance of getting entry. Xclusive Touch is one company which can make it much easier to get access to your favourite event, regardless of how many other people are in attendance. The company offer membership and guest lists to London clubbers, guaranteeing entry along with a whole other range of exclusive hospitality options.

Managing Director Julian Holder had this to say about the company. "Everything about Xclusive Touch is exclusive. We want to make sure that London events and parties are accessible, and that guests can truly make the most out of each event. We offer different tables, from luxury booths to poolside beds, and access to the finest beverages. Our packages are bespoke, with something to suit every budget." Xclusive Touch certainly has variety. Their guest packages range from basic tickets, right through to luxury private tables with expensive champagne and model hostesses! They also cater directly for female partygoers, with ladies only tables available in certain events. There really is something for every clubber to choose from!

Julian Holder goes on to say, "London is an extremely popular city and one where people love to let their hair down and enjoy life. It makes sense to offer partygoers something with a little added luxury and class, as many people have stressful City jobs which can be demanding. We want to make sure our clients get the most from their clubbing experience and that they continue to enjoy the best clubs London has to offer, with luxurious surroundings and guaranteed entry." Xclusive Touch is a fantastic option for London clubbers who want to let their hair down and enjoy the best in luxurious hospitality.

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