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Get Relief From Addiction Complaints With Newly Launched Recovery Programs By Vita Novus Treatment Center

Addiction can cause serious damages to your as well your loved ones' life, thus it is essential to get rid of addiction complaints as soon as possible. To help you in this, Vita Novus Treatment Canter has just launched effective recovery programs.

Vita Novus Treatment Center has launched different and highly effective addiction recovery treatment programs to get you the sober life once again. The treatment center is located in the scenic beauty of Muskoka over 100 acres of land. The recovery counselors here at Vita Novus Treatment Center understands that every addictive needs special care and attention thus provide a one-o-one session known as Intervention with every individual.

The intervention session helps the patient as well as counselor to understand the major trigger point for the addiction problem and the most suitable recovery treatment program, respectively. At Vita Novus Treatment Center, latest technologies are used to treat patients, thus the center has become one of the only centers with highest success rates and lowest relapse rates in Canada. And to maintain the same, the treatment center offers guarantee on every recover program. Besides, this is the only addiction recovery center that provides family program live online program which help families to get assistance in addiction recovering from their homes.

To summarize with, the treatment center has all leading facilities to get the addictive person a sober and soothing life once again. The experts at Vita Novus review the main reasons for the addiction problem of the patient, only then suggest the most suitable recovery program.

About the treatment center:

John Haines is the founder and executive director of Vita Novus Treatment Center. After recovering from his own addiction problem, he finally decided to come up with a treatment center that can cater the like-minded people. After extensive hard work of many years, Vita Novus Treatment Center came into existence. To know some more in detail, you can surf over internet for different Vita Novus reviews.

Today, the treatment center has well versed and highly qualified counselors, physicians, psycho-therapists, recovery counselors, massage and Reiki masters as well as other team members. The teams at Vita Novus Treatment Center are extremely dedicated towards their duties thus provide highly effective and result oriented services. Besides, the entire team members carry a positive attitude while serving the patients here at Vita Novus Treatment Center.

Contact Details: To know more about the recovery treatment programs or any other services, contact John Haines at 1-877-966-6887 or mail at

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Address: The Vita Novus Treatment Center
Muskoka, ON
Contact Number: 1-877-966-6887
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Vita Novus Treatment Center
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