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Music Registry is dedicated to radio airplay, promotion and public relations for independent and major artist. is one of the most powerful yet cost effective ways for artists to get their music played and charted.

Music Registry radio and promotional services have resulted in major label signings, label distribution, increased sales, world wide airplay, tours, talk shows and charting with Billboard, BDS and Mediabase.

Music Registry offers radio airplay to free and significant artist on FM (BDS & Mediabase Monitored), Sirius Satellite, College, Yahoo, MTV, Music Choice, VH1, Shoutcast, Music Choice, Europe, UK, Canada and China Radio. There team networks with Program Directors, Station Managers; DJ's & radio affiliates to attain national radio airplay, charting, interviews world tours and introduction. Moreover they include each one track for advanced openness & audit by many radio stations.

Music Registry ranks under 100k in the US and has grown to be one of the largest radio airplay and promotional firms in the United States. Accepted formats include Pop, Rhythmic, Urban, Country, Adult Hits, Alternative, Gospel and Christian music. All tracks are submitted electronically. No CD duplication or station mailings are required with there radio campaigns.

Radio Campaigns include weekly airplay reports, station links (hear your music played live), airplay dates, times, locations and total spin count. There association has in excess of 60 yrs consolidated experience having some expertise in promotion, FM Top 40 Airplay, Sirius Radio and we as of now hold artist on Billboard Top 10, BDS, Mediabase, CMJ, DRT and World Charts. Music Registry graphed in excess of 300 significant and independent artists in 2013 and they continue to chart over 70% of our radio campaigns through screened radio airplay. Weekly airplay reports are provided with all radio campaigns, including weekly BDS and Mediabase reports.

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