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Get Low Cost Lasik Eye Surgery at DLEI CustomVue Lasik Center By Dr. Jeevan Ladi

DLEI Custom Vue Lasik Center in India is one of the renowned centers for all eye related treatments. It has some of the finest eye specialists on board including Dr. Jeeval Ladi and carries out several eye related surgeries on a daily basis.

Earlier, an eye surgery was a dream come true for many as it incurred high cost and the procedure was also complicated. However, it's not the same case now, as with the advancement in technology and more Lasik centers and hospitals coming up in the city, the procedure has turned out to be quite simple and manageable. One such center is the DLEI Custom Vue Lasik Center that has come up in the city recently which is providing state of art services as far as Lasik eye surgery is concerned.

The center is helmed by Dr. Jeevan Ladi who is one of the best ophthalmologists in the country. He has also been awarded with several national and international awards in the field of ophthalmology. He has attended several medical conferences in India as well as abroad and has shared his experiences about Custom Vue Lasik. He is one of the best that the country has today and several people come to him from all corners of the world.This Lasik eye center has several expertise and is also renowned to be a clinic where the cost of lasik surgery in Pune is quite low as compared to other places. All types of Lasik surgery procedures are carried out here effectively right from Custom Vue Lasik and Custom Vue Intra Lasik. The former is executed for 10 to 15 minutes for both eyes and the patients can leave within an hour.

The latter is a type of refractive surgery that's executed to correct the eyesight of a person. This procedure is also called all laser treatment and it reshapes the corneal flap of the patient's eye, thus giving the perfect eyesight. The cost of this procedure in India differs between INR 35000 to INR 60000 depending upon the nature of the problem. This center is well known for providing the surgery at an affordable cost and is carried under the experienced and watchful eyes of Dr. Jeevan Ladi. For more information on this you can log on to www.ladilaservision.com. For better eye health and vision, do visit Dr. Ladi.

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