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For all those who are seeking British citizenship or permanent refuge in UK, Life in the UK Test is a paramount step. The purpose of the British citizenship test is to make sure that the applicants, who have applied for citizenship, are well adept with the culture of United Kingdom and their national language English. This test covers multiple choice questions all various topics ranging from the customs and traditions, to the obligatory law and political systems within the country.

Before appearing for the test, the applicants need to be well versed with the concept and format. There are 24 multiple choice questions, which are randomly chosen by the system. The duration for the test is 45 minutes. The pass percentage is 75% implying that the applicant needs at answer at least 18 questions correctly. With 60 centres conducting the test, it costs 50 Euros for each attempt.
Anyone between 18 to 65 years can appear for the test. To appear for the test, the applicant needs to make a booking seven days prior the scheduled test date. For booking the test, you will need one of photo ID's- passport, UK photo card driving licence, convention travel document (CTD), certificate of identity document (CID) or stateless person document (SPD), EU identity card, immigration status document, UK residence permit on a passport with a photo or biometric residence permit. While taking the test, it is mandatory to carry an address proof. The test should borrow the same name as does the address proof.

Considering the tips accumulated from the experiences of those who have cleared the exam, it is actually easier than the life in the UK practise test. However, it is still important to go through the practice papers. To make sure that you are well versed with the test paper format, it is advised to opt for official handbook for the Life in UK test. The book has mock drills and tips that make cracking the test easy.

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The "Free Life in the UK Test" website has been catering to provide relevant information to the individuals who wish to seek permanent residency in UK by appearing for Life in the UK test. Here, one could find information regarding the mandatory documents and proofs that needs to be carried along while booking as well as appearing for the test. The site provides access to the sample questions and tests to make the applicants well versed with the difficulty level, the type of subjects covered and the format of questions. All the questions have been selected randomly and are not the official questions. These are designed to simplify the application and preparation process for the test. One can check his or her readiness for the test by simply going through a sample test available on the website.

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