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10dayads is one such website that ensures the authenticity of the products that are being endorsed on its web pages. Before highlighting the product on the page, one needs to ascertain its credibility by putting up a picture with the product or uploa

Online classifieds might be immensely lucrative for sellers who wish to sell their products for a price higher than their expectations but for buyers, it can be risky to some extent. Let us consider the case of a person who wishes to buy a particular item that he came across on a classifieds website. Now, only be seeing the picture of the product and talking to the seller, the buyer makes up his mind and goes ahead with the deal. But when he goes to collect the product from the seller, he notices that the product is different from what was shown on the website and is dysfunctional at the same time. Such scenarios always result in wastage of money as well as time of the buyer. Thus, in order to avoid such a situation from brewing up, 10dayads ensures that each and every advertisement that is showcased on their web page is absolutely authentic.

In order to ensure and prove the authenticity of the product, each and every seller has to adhere to the policy that has been outlined by 10dayads team. The rule states that each and every person who is willing to showcase and advertise one of their products or more will have to upload pictures of themselves with the product or a video in which they will have to show the product in working condition. This will eradicate all the doubts from the minds of the prospective buyers and will aid them in selecting the right choice for them. The price of each and every product is justified on the website as per its functional capacity.

Only the latest advertisements are highlighted

There are lots of policies the 10dayads team has enforced in order to ensure fair trade among buyers and sellers on their website. The process of authentication of an advertisement takes some time but once the product has been approved for endorsement, there is a time window of 10 days which is given to the seller after which, a new set of advertisements replaced the older ones. So in case if a seller is unable to sell his product to the right buyer within those 10 days, then they can always frame a new and more powerful advertisement which might garner responses from all around the world.

The expenditure is also quite less as compared to other classifieds websites. The initial amount is very nominal and the seller has to register in order to start selling their products on the website. There is no scope for any form of spam on 10dayads and this is something that appeals to lots of members. This is one of the primary attracting factors that brings people from all corners of the world to this classifieds website. Almost all types of products whether sold or bought, are stacked into different categories which makes it easier for people to find.

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