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Gert Martens Using Social Networking to Get Her Message Across

Gert Martens, a leading mortgage professional, is using social networking to advertise to clients that might not know about the service that she provides

A lot of people use social networking for their advertising needs lately. This is because the networks are free to use and they can reach thousands of people every single day.

This is why Gert Martens chose to use social networks to connect with people who might not know that she offers a reliable service in the mortgage field. However, she has done it a bit different to everyone else and this proves that she is innovative as a marketer as well as a mortgage professional.

Other mortgage companies tend to use the two main social networks, Twitter and Facebook. But, along with Dominion Lending Centres, Gert Martens wondered why she should stop there. So she decided to use all of the social networks available to her, and blogging.

What makes this step so innovative, is that she has allowed bloggers to link to her site. She has a blogger link on her main page and users just have to click it to be taken to their own blogger home page.

Then, users will be able to write blog posts about Gert Martens and the service that she has provided them with. This is more luxurious than a simple 'like' on a Facebook page because clients can read, in detail, about how Martens has helped other people.

It is more likely that prospective clients will read information about Martens, on blogs, and they will convinced to use her to find suitable mortgage financing.

A company spokesperson added, "We are delighted with the success of Gert Martens connections with social networks. Here at Dominion Lending Centres, we are going to advise our other mortgage professionals to use the same links to social networks and see if they have the same success. Demand for Martens has been high due to her connections with social networks and we believe that this puts her at the forefront of her field."

Gert Martens has plans to add more social networks as demand changes. If she feels that a social network is not performing, she will remove the link and replace it with a more successful one. She has a very bright future ahead of her.

About Gert Martens

Gert Martens is a mortgage associate who works for Dominion Lending Centres. Dominion Lending Centres is a comparison website which lists Canada's largest banks, credit unions, trust companies and financial institutions. They are able to have financial services from the institutions that are only available through the website. Dominion Lending Centres offers a product line that is usually only available to mortgage professionals and their clients. They are well equipped to make sure their customers are able to get the home of their dreams. They can do this through a low interest rate mortgage product line and using the best technology, paired with staff members that are trained to the highest ability. You can visit their website at

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