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Gert Martens Provides Loans for Equipment Leasing

Gert Martens, a popular mortgage associate with Dominion Lending Centres, is now in the position to provide loans for businesses and investors who need to buy equipment

Gert Martens, one of the best mortgage associates in the world, who works for Dominion Lending Centres, can now provide businesses and investors with the loans that they need to buy their equipment, which they might need to run their business.

The way the loans work is that the client will contact the company with the details of the equipment that they need and they will work together with an associate to buy the equipment. Then the client will lease the equipment from the company.

Once the lease is up, the client has the opportunity to pay the difference left on the loan and own the equipment, upgrade the equipment and continue leasing, or just give the equipment back.

This is a very affordable way to pay for equipment and the company works with their clients to make sure that they can afford the repayments. They also offer them refinancing options if they need more equipment.

This type of lease is very flexible and if the business does not work, when the lease period is up, the client is under no obligation to just buy the equipment. They can simply return it and get on with their lives.

With Gert Martens, clients are able to afford their equipment and open their business sooner. Some clients would have had to saved for years before they could afford the equipment and, therefore, they would not have been able to go into business so soon.

A company spokesperson added, "Here at Dominion Lending Centres, with Gert Martens, we are able to provide leasing loans to clients who need to buy equipment for their businesses. This process puts them in a better position for the future and they are able to open their business with more money behind them. Our clients are very happy with the leasing plan that we provide them with and they have indicated that they have recommended us to other business owners."

Gert Martens is very busy providing clients with leasing options and mortgages. In the future, she wants to expand her website and add more financial services. For now, she is working hard for her clients, to make sure that they can get the capitol that they need.

About Gert Martens

Gert Martens is a mortgage associate who works for Dominion Lending Centres. Dominion Lending Centres is a comparison website which lists Canada's largest banks, credit unions, trust companies and financial institutions. They are able to have financial services from the institutions that are only available through the website. Dominion Lending Centres offers a product line that is usually only available to mortgage professionals and their clients. They are well equipped to make sure their customers are able to get the home of their dreams. They can do this through a low interest rate mortgage product line and using the best technology, paired with staff members that are trained to the highest ability. You can visit their website at

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