GermFreeToothbrush Improves Teeth Health with New Silver Toothbrushes for Adults and Children

Keeping healthy teeth is one of the most important things in the life. In fact, infections commence with the high probability of unhealthy teeth practices. has introduced a simple silver solution for this widespread problem.

Keeping healthy teeth is one of the most important things to do in the life of humans. In fact, infections in the mouth commence with the high probability of unhealthy teeth. In any case, is introducing one of the best tools to enhance the teeth health campaign. Coming big with H20 silver care toothbrushes both for adults and children, mouth health just gets better.

Use of the toothbrush will definitely reduce the risk of infections in the mouth. It also gives a refreshing breath in the mouth. This sensational piece is produced to evade bacterial contamination. Research done on human toothbrushes, has shown that the most common bacteria are the same ones that cause the common cold, sore throat, strep throat, pneumonia, gingivitis, and cavities.
Dr. Tom Glass, a professor of forensic sciences, pathology and dental medicine says, research has shown that toothbrushes can retain viruses like influenza and herpes for up a week, and he suggests any time someone is sick, they should not keep using the same old toothbrush. "We recommend that people change their toothbrush at the beginning of an illness, when they first start feeling better and when they're well, otherwise they're going to re-contaminate themselves."

With the new innovation in toothbrushes from GermFreeToothbrush, there is nothing to worry about. Silver Care toothbrush which sanitizes itself every time it is rinsed with water. This natural process of combining silver and water has been proven to effectively eliminate 99.9% of all the bristle inhabitants. For safety every Silver Care toothbrush was specially made with Tynex end rounded bristles to protect your enamel and give your gums a gentle massage, thereby eliminating bleeding gums.

Silver naturally kills microbial substances, that's one reason why prior to dishwashers silver utensils were so highly valued. So when silver mixes with water it makes silver ions. These silver ions move down the bristles creating a continuous anti-bacterial process as the bristles are rinsed and dry. As the silver ions move down your bristles they kill the bacteria, viruses, and fungus. Studies continue to prove the effectiveness of this silver toothbrush.

According to Maureen C.,"I love the tooth brush; I've been using the toothbrush for 6 months now...I just got back from the dentist... and no cavities! This for me is really great because I have had poor teeth all my life." Will W. also while commending the tooth brush said, "I am not much of a germ-a-phoebe but after considering that I don't change my toothbrush as often as I should and that I keep my toothbrush in the bathroom. I became disgusted by what may be on my toothbrush so I was very excited to get a self sanitizing silver toothbrush. I used to have some plaque buildup along my upper teeth gum-line, but after using the toothbrush for three weeks it was gone... my teeth feel so smooth and clean."

It is prudent to use the best product especially when the subject matter is as important as the mouth. The state of health of humans begins right from the head and the head houses the mouth. Don't get yourself contaminated through the use of contaminated toothbrushes, Germfreetoothbrush's silver toothbrushes will help out.

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