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George Wilkinson Introduces GlideX On Its Bakeware

A revolutionary new non stick coating, GlideX, has been developed by manufacturing firm, George Wilkinson. The coating is bonded directly onto the company's premium bakeware range.

North West bakeware manufacturer, George Wilkinson, has launched a revolutionary new non stick coating.

George Wilkinson has developed this new coating exclusively within the UK and began testing it last year on its Great British Bakeware range.

The innovative, superior, hardwearing and durable non-stick coating is scratch resistant, flake-resistant and virtually indestructible.

GlideX is bonded directly onto ovenware to ensure it performs like new every time.

Rigorously tested by independent laboratories and consumers, the GlideX technology out performed all other non-stick brands.

The coating was so well received by consumers who were using the Great British Bakeware range that we decided to name it and apply it across all items within the collection.

It is scratch resistant and virtually indestructible. Tested rigorously by George Wilkinson, laboratories and consumers alike our GlideX outperforms all their non sticks.

Whatever you're baking or roasting, food will keep gliding off time and time again.

The coating only requires a simple rinse to clean and there's no scrubbing required.

The Great British Bakeware range shows both George Wilkinson's innovation in manufacturing as well as reflecting the company's ethos - designed to perform and built to last.

With an innovative long life coating, totally unique to this range, the bakeware is safe for use with metal tools and outperforms all its competitors on performance, according to individual tests.

The extremely versatile and durable product has a GlideX ceramic reinforced triple coating, outstanding non-stick properties and is stovetop safe.

The packaging and labelling is designed to draw on the British heritage and is designed to give a nostalgic yet premium appeal.

A message to consumers also features on the packaging communicating the company's provenance as well as our commitment to produce the highest quality and most environmentally conscious bakeware possible.

Since it uses 60% recycled British steel, the range is extremely eco-friendly.

In addition to the many different types of bakeware on offer, George Wilkinson supplies, cast iron cookware, microwave cookware and general kitchenware.

The company is renowned for dedication and commitment to quality.

Inspired by cooks across Britain, all premium bakeware is made with pride in the heart of Lancashire.

Made in the heart of Lancashire, the Great British Bakeware comes with a 15-year guarantee.

George Wilkinson is an internationally recognised manufacturer of premium, long life, easy-to-clean baking equipment.

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