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Generate4Schools Selects Harmony Education and Life Partners for New Fundraiser; Benefits Business Community

Generate4Schools, an alternative to traditional event-based fundraising, working with businesses to reduce their credit card processing fees, and generating recurring revenue in addition to the savings, re-directed to schools in the business' name.

Generate4Schools, the Leader in Automatic Fundraising Solutions, announced today that the Town of Irvington has been selected to participate in its Make2014YOURS initiative, which will improve finances for Harmony Education and Life Partners (H.E.L.P.) and the network of Irvington businesses its families frequent. Launched on March 1st, 2014, Make2014YOURS is now open to the entire business community.

Each Irvington business that participates will find a reduction in their credit card processing fees by an average of 30% and will automatically generate a recurring revenue stream in support of H.E.L.P. fundraising initiatives. H.E.L.P. has hundreds of families, ready to support the local businesses that join. "The Town of Irvington should be very proud they have a forward thinking and enthusiastic group of parents that also has the structure required for this kind of movement" said John Malone, Founder and CMO of Generate4Schools. "Harmony Education and Life Partners takes their relationships with the Irvington businesses very seriously, and I think they're really excited for Make2014YOURS because of all the tangible benefits it has for the business community."

About Generate4Schools: Generate4Schools was founded with the unique vision of creating a privately held company that can generate a recurring revenue stream for the 84% of underfunded US public schools. As a privately held company Generate4Schools can compete on a sales, marketing, and operational level that is required to execute such a massive, yet important, goal.

What We Do: Generate4Schools works with local business to reduce credit card processing fees; and generates recurring donations in addition to the savings, given to local schools on the business' behalf. This program is an automated solution that alleviates the constant struggle associated with event-based fundraising, and helps keeps the programs kids love in school. Generate4Schools will change the way you think about fundraising.

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