General Mistakes In Bodybuilding

Traditional mistake that beginners usually make are wrong workout during a steroid cycle.

Courses too long

C this problem is closely linked to the problem too long courses, which are also considered an error. Note, however, that under "dry" prolonged use of steroids is justified, at least, that allows you to keep muscle mass. In general, it is rather curious: after muscle cell receptors that respond to steroids, "scores", the user is not progress in strength and "mass", but not rolled back to their original positions. For this reason some athletes do not "get off" with the course over and over months - they are simply afraid to "lose weight"! Comes to the fact that taking small doses of drugs such as methandrostenolone, testosterone propionate or Deca-Durabolin, does not count as a course as such - it's just kind of "providing hormonal." From such dosage user, of course, does not grow, but at the same time and does not decrease in size. Some use these same goals insulin.

Wrong choice of drugs.

"Chemical" bodybuilders often make mistakes when choosing drugs that they are going to use to "know." You've heard that, as a rule, a steroid cycle is a combination of several (two, three or more) components. In this scheme, there is a meaning, because different while using steroids have synergistic properties, that is much stronger than it is working in tandem, rather than separately.

Mathematically, this formula can be expressed as: 1 +1 = 3. Such a scheme allows, among other things, apply a lower dosage, which is important when taking are considered "dirty" steroids (Sustanon, "Meta", Omnadren etc.). Another advantage of this scheme: if a drug will be a fake, then the rest will work. However, it is important to pick the steroid binding. For example, it is unlikely to be justified to the simultaneous reception of that methane, Sustanon and testosterone depot - too toxic looks this combination. It is possible that in the end you'll turn into a water "bubble" and from top to bottom will be covered with pimples, and typed in the so-called "mass" after the end of the cycle will evaporate in record time. On the other hand, it is equally important to link gleaned drugs with the goals that you set for yourself. If again mention the above scheme, the dial on her decent relief will be very difficult, and if you're on the "quality", then you better give preference to drugs such as Winstrol (oral or injectable), Primobolan (also oral and injectable), Oxandrolone, Trenbolone. At the worst, in case of shortage of funds Silabolin, Testosterone propionate or Deca-Durabolin. As we have already realized the financial side out here on the front.

Wrong training.

Traditional mistake that beginners usually make are wrong workout during a steroid cycle. The fact that steroids alone do not bring up the muscles (in contrast to the same growth hormone, which, according to some, can increase muscle mass, even at rest), and largely accelerate the recovery of the body after heavy impact workouts. And if a new "chemist" really have not learned to practice, he can not make the most of everything that can be in the gym, then the effect of the steroid course will be minimal.

Wrong rest between courses.

Perhaps the more common mistakes that "chemical" bodybuilders, is, strange as it may sound, in the way these athletes behave during periods of rest from steroids. Most writers on the subject somehow sidestep this issue, and such a luminary in the field of sports pharmacology as Bill Phillips argues that the athlete is not using steroids, should train as intensively as extremely "charged" bodybuilder.

The fact is that after a steroid cycle, the body enters a state by the so-called negative nitrogen balance, when the breakdown of protein in the body is more active than synthesis. Additionally resilience of the body dramatically reduced. Trying to keep typing "mass" by taking doses of shock protein, clenbuterol, gonadotropin, bodybuilders are still suffering losses. Trying to turn the situation around, they lean on training, fall into a state of total overtraining and begin to "crumble" even faster. It is possible that in this situation may help cool the insulin, which is perhaps the main anti-catabolic, but not everyone knows how to use it wisely, and disorderly taking this hormone can lead to serious problems, moreover, insulin increases fat. Therefore, if the "chemical" bodybuilder does not use insulin, or in this case, better to significantly reduce the intensity of your workout (operating weight, the number of the exercises) and go to the gym no more than 1 - 2 times a week.

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