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Gen Spa- The Leading Massage Therapist in Florida

Helping People to Regain Their Natural Senses through Their Spa and Massage Service

Gen Spa is a well renowned massage parlor in Pompano Beach, Florida, who offers various kinds of useful therapies for their customers. They provide massage therapies, Skin treatments, manicure and pedicure services, stress reduce therapies, etc. They use natural medicines to heal the stress related problems.

Various Kinds of Massage Services of Gen Spa:

Myofascial Release:
Myofascial is a unique type of treatment for body. This therapy is a soft tissue therapy that helps to reduce the immobility and pain of skeletal muscle. This therapy improves the blood circulation system of the customers. There are several myofascial release therapy expert in the spa who always take pleasure in giving their customers the utmost relief.

Hot Stones Massage:
It is a relaxation therapy that gives deeply soothing comfort to the customers. The hot stones help to loosen up the tight muscles of the body. The hot stones are placed directly on the body or over a cloth. The contemporary strokes of Swedish massage are used in this therapy. When a customer has any pain on the spine, hot stones are placed directly on the spine. It helps the patient to get fast relief.

Lomilomi is the traditional massage therapy of Hawaii. The therapist massages the thumbs, knuckles, elbows and forearms of the patient. It helps the practitioner to relax the nervous system and improves the blood circulation.

Reflexology Massage:
This therapy is known as reflex zone therapy. It is a good healing method. It mainly focuses on the feet and the hands of the customer and pressure on the relax points. The therapist gives specific pressures on the palms, hands and feet. This therapy improves the whole nervous system of the patient.

Swedish Massage:
Swedish physiotherapists have developed a unique kind of massage therapy that is called Swedish massage. It is mainly used to reduce muscle pains, improves circulation, creates relaxation and increases flexibility. This massage therapy includes various kinds of strokes, such as- friction, percussion, long strokes, vibration, kneading, effleurage and different shaking motions.

Chair Massage:
It is a different style of massage that is conducted on a chair. An ergonomically designed chair is offered for the customers. No oil is needed in this chair massage.

Pre-Natal or Pregnancy Massage:
This massage therapy is mainly intended for pregnant women. This massage reduces tension and stress, controls the arm swelling and relieves the back pain and joint pains. The patients just have to lie down on a pillow and keep the eye closed. This massage therapy helps the mother to expand the abdominal muscles easily.

Deep Tissue Massage:
This therapy focuses on the deepest layers of the muscles. It is mainly for those customers who have acute pain in their muscles. The therapists give high pressure on the pain area and make the muscle cells active.

Other than these massage therapies, Gen Spa offer various kinds of body treatments, such as- Honey body scrub, green clay body wrap detox, cavitation, lypossage, Brazilian shaping massage, etc.

Contact Address:
750 E Sample Rd. Bldg 3, Bay 4
Pompano Beach FL, 33064
MA 51988 / MM 21045
Telephone Number: 561 - 674 - 5215

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