Geared World Auto Parts Marketplace Launches in Beta

Geared World is now in Beta phase as the Rare Data team launches the auto parts marketplace.

After five years in the making, the Rare Data team has the Geared World project launched in Beta.

The vision of this marketplace is to be the "Google" for any auto part sold online.

The short term goals of the project are to make E-commerce easy for car dealerships' parts departments and to focus on solutions that affect visitors, sales, and the bottom line ROI. There are many technologies, app plugins, E-commerce platforms, catalog plugins (Parts Website), etc. that are running behind the scenes to make the marketplace function on a customer level. What makes the Geared World marketplace truly unique is the integration with ADP and Reynolds and Reynolds over time. One other unique fact is that the Rare Data team has worked in actual car dealerships before, so we know the auto industry from the inside out. This is unique because we know the industry from a dealership's perspective.

The Geared World marketplace was initially founded to reduce selling fees, while concentrating on a higher ROI solution for car dealerships. E-commerce marketplaces like eBay and Amazon ruin the marketplace for competitive pricing, in that they allow multiple dealerships with the same brand to list their inventory on their marketplaces. This causes dealerships to start competing with other car dealerships on pricing, thus directly lowering profit margins and the bottom line. eBay also does not care as to whether or not you succeed on their website. At Geared World, we are your E-commerce partners and we will only work with one dealership per brand on our marketplace. This way you are not competing with other dealerships for your brand (ex: Toyota, Ford, Chevy, etc).

For more information about the Geared World marketplace, you can visit them at: