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Gatewayschools has the simplest international school in Chennai, metropolis. Here a top quality infancy education programmers. The education is to arrange kids for the journey of long learning.

Schooling is one of the primary needs of human society and almost all the parents have trouble in finding out the best choice for their ward. The reason for such an in depth mental maneuver carried out by most of us is because of the significant nature of the educational needs for the children. In India also there has been enormous growth of educational institutions especially after independence.

The government created elaborate framework and brought in place the required infrastructures to propel the educational momentum for the social strata. However with the passage of time tiers evolved in the educational system in India and this is symbolic of the time bound differentiation that is usually seen in any society.

Here also in response to the quality requirements various special brands and formats emerged in consonance with the global trends. The phenomenon of International school in India is a deliberate effort by the educational sector to produce an infrastructure with international standards. is the Online Portal of Gateway Group of International Schools, a premier group dedicated to the cause of quality education through its international curriculum and allied standards. Its flagship institutions have been serving excellent education to students community from India and abroad.

Adherence to global standards is held supreme and the aim of the institutions is to produce a human product ready to integrate and serve the global society in his or her future endeavors.

The group is constantly engaged in the quality some expansion of its institutions and tries to bring in the latest best practices that keep evolving in the famed institutions that lead international education system in the world.

With its diversified array of choice in the international education comprising 'Cambridge' and 'American' curriculum it has emerged as a top international school in Tamil Nadu as also at the regional level in south Asia.

The institution has a diversified institutional network of four premier choices at different locations. The group runs IGCSE International School (International General Certificate of Secondary Education -Cambridge University) at Sholinganallur, American International School at Padur. The group also runs two well equipped CBSE institutions at Padur and Neelankarai. All the institutions are in the expansion mode on account of growing number of applications year on year.

An all round approach of the group to groom the students in accordance with the latest psychological-objective standards has produced rich results for the institutions in the form of dividends of successful global citizens employed in various high ranking capacities the world over!

At a recent conference on the 'Evolving education trends and paradigms', that was hosted by the 'Asian International Schools Association', an official spokesperson of the institution charted out his group's future initiative in the following words,

" is in the forefront of the cause of serving international curriculum in the most easy and well defined formats and to diversify its outreach to greater number of student's matrix through its Chennai international school network.

We will be engaged in expanding our institutional framework through concerted efforts in collaboration with the international schools authority like the IGCSE and others. We also plan to hire international education experts to constantly engage in quality improvement maneuvers!"

It has been a quality defining name in the field of international education and is serving the significant cause of education in the best ways! To know more about the latest offerings from the Gateway Group of International Schools, make sure to visit their promising web platform at, today!


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