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Gas Deregulation Could Mean Savings For Georgia Citizens

Georgia's deregulation of the natural gas industry gives residents an advantage on their energy bills as competing gas providers go toe-to-toe in the war for more customers.

For the past decade, more and more states have begun to deregulate affairs in the natural gas industry. These states, one of which being Georgia, have begun progressing to a less-restricted natural gas industry that could lead families to save more on their energy bills than ever before.

"This deregulation has many positive effects on Georgians, the only problem is that many residents don't know how much this progress affects their energy bill," said Eric Johnson, co-founder of Georgia Gas Rates. "With fewer price regulations, rates are going to be more competitive which could mean savings for families living in this time of economic hardship."

Essentially, this change means two things for American families in deregulated states: competition and lower prices. As the government takes a step back from the processes, which allows natural gas providers have the chance to compete for customers through lowering their prices to stay on top of the market game.

"The key to taking advantage of this legislation lies in being able to know what your options are," said Johnson. "This is where has the consumer's interests at heart by helping them quickly compare provider rates for their homes and businesses and to make the switch to the lowest provider almost effortlessly by putting Georgians a mouse click away from the savings their families want and deserve."

In an average savings comparison conducted by Georgia Gas Rates this month, families who compared rates and made the switch to their optimal providers saved anywhere between $0.15 to $0.50 per therm. While this difference of a handful of cents may seem trivial at first glance, these savings could mean keeping nearly $350 more each year.

As many states begin to deregulate natural gas provides, Georgia Gas Rates continues to help Georgia residents gain a better understanding of natural gas and its implications for society as a whole. With this in mind, Georgia Gas Rates also gives Georgians a one-stop-shop resource for money-saving resources, energy conservation tips and provider rate calculators to ensure that residents are in the best position to save money by finding the best energy rate available.

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