Gartner Recognizes Infotrellis In Master Data Management Report

In December of 2013, Gartner Analysts Bill O'Kane, Andrew White, and Saul Judah published Gartner's 'Market Guide: External Service Providers for Master Data Management'. InfoTrellis Inc. featured as one of twenty service providers mentioned.

InfoTrellis Inc., a leading provider of Big Data and MDM solutions and services, was cited in Gartner's 'Market Guide: External Service Providers for Master Data Management', published on 12 December 2013 and written by Gartner Analysts Bill O'Kane, Andrew White, and Saul Judah.

The full document describes the current role of external service providers (ESPs) in Master Data Management implementations. "The effective use of ESP firms in the strategy and implementation aspects of MDM programs can be sufficiently helpful in overcoming the common technical, organizational and political barriers to implementation — which can mean the difference between success and failure," the market guide asserts.

In addition to its mention of InfoTrellis, the guide describes a total of twenty ESPs that "appear regularly in our interactions with clients, event attendees and software vendors, as well as in vendor briefings and other structured surveys of software vendor references and event attendees."

In their analysis of InfoTrellis' and the other ESP's position in the marketplace, Gartner writes that "the use of ESPs is an effective tactic to accelerate MDM program success," and estimate that "more than 50% of master data management (MDM) programs use the services of one or more external service providers (ESPs) to accelerate their MDM strategies and (or) implementation."

InfoTrellis' Smart MDM™ implementation technology has been a key asset for InfoTrellis implementation teams in many different client engagements. InfoTrellis also provides its clients with their unmatched reporting and operational monitoring dashboard for MDM. MDM Veriscope™, the InfoTrellis Master Data Management Data Quality Governance Dashboard and Reporting tool, saw its version 3.5 update released in late 2013, adding real time alerting functionality as well as a smartphone live monitoring app.

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