Garrison Dales Today Announce Their Special 10% Discount For Retailers That Register With Them Online

Garrison Dales, importer of industrial tools and consumables, today announced a special offer on their website, which gives a 10% discount to any retailer that registers with them online.

Wholesaler of industrial tools and consumables, Garrison Dales, today announced their special website offer, which entitles retailers to a 10% discount on orders if they register online with them.

Garrison Dales are an importer that supplies over 2000 individual merchants throughout the UK with wholesale industrial consumables and tools. Through their continued growth since 1980 the company has come to offer retailers more from their stock in terms of quality and speedy delivery, as they have monitored the industry and used changes to their advantage.

Many retailers will not buy their stock online as they don't see it as an option. For these retailers stock ordering is a lengthy manual process that must require a full day in order to complete, even if a repeat order is being made.

The days when retailers had to order manually or over the phone are gone, and now they can go online and use wholesalers like Garrison Dales to order everything they need. Any retailers that register with Garrison Dales now will get a 10% discount on their order, as part of a special offer on their website.

A Customer Service Spokeswoman for garrison Dales added, "We've found that many retailers in our industry are unaware they can order stock online. It's definitely the easiest way to do so, and it saves a lot of time for those shop owners that have no time to spare. On our system, if a retailer needs to make the same order as they did the month before, they can press the repeat order button and they will have their order dispatched. This is great for them as it takes no time at all and means they can fit it into their busy days."

By registering online with Garrison Dales, retailers gain access to all of their special offers and promotions that they won't have had otherwise. By being able to order online, a retailer can fit the ordering of stock into a busy schedule, and not have to spare an entire day every month for this simple process.

Garrison Dales is an importer that supplies industrial tools and consumables to retailers in the industry. Their wide range of stock is ever-growing, and retailers that use them can get access to special deals such as 10% if they register with them today.

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