Garrison Dales Recommend Retailers Purchase New Stock Now

Garrison Dales is recommending that retailers in the industrial market stock up on new products now to prepare for their customers who will soon be in dire need.

After winter there isn't much work for tradesmen in certain areas. Gardeners for example won't be able to do much work for clients other than work in greenhouses, which won't be enough to give them a full day's work most of the time. Builders similarly cannot work, as the temperature is still too cold for materials to set properly, and work can become inaccurate when tradesmen can't feel their fingers due to the freezing cold.

Retailers supplying to tradesmen may be finding this time of year slow as well, as many of their customers don't need to buy new tools as they have no work. However, this is all set to change as the sun shines more and the weather becomes warmer, meaning more tradesmen can get outside to work, and more building sites can resume work in the more acceptable weather.

Garrison Dales, a tool wholesaler, is recommending that retailers in the industry stock up on their tools and consumables now. A Customer Service Liaison for the company commented, "by stocking up on products and goods to sell to customers now, a retailer can benefit from being ready for their customers. The last thing any retailer wants is to have a rush of customers but no stock, and so they need to prepare early or they could majorly lose out."

Tools and consumables are goods which are essential to all tradesmen. Retailers can be safe in the knowledge that their customers will always need them, but if they don't offer the right products at the right time they could well lose their customer base to another retailer.

Garrison Dales is a UK based tool wholesaler. They have a wide range of products available for industrial and trade customers, depending on their needs. They supply to all areas of the UK with a quick and inexpensive delivery service to help retailers and industrial customers save money.

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