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Garrison Dales Announce Their Range Of New Products

Garrison Dales today announce their range of new products. Their new products will help retailers to supply tradesmen with even more of the products they need to continue doing their work.

Garrison Dales has introduced a new range of products for retailers and industrial customers to purchase from them wholesale. The new product range comes with the New Year, as many tradesmen will be looking to upgrade their tools to something better, and will want to see the newest ones their local retailers have to offer. With new tools tradesmen can do more in their work, and retailers can make more profit from them as they're brand new, as opposed to old tools everyone in the industry uses.

Industrial customers will be able to take advantage of the new product range as well, as it brings out a new selection of consumables which workers on every building site will need. These consumables range from packs of gloves to feet and body warmers for workers while the weather is still very cold. Having newer consumables for a building site will improve the overall morale of workers, boosting their efficiency.

Garrison Dales introduced their new range of products now to help their industry when it needs it. A Customer Service Representative for the company commented, "right now is the time that most tradesmen are getting back into work, as they will have been out of it for a while due to the horrible weather and cold temperatures. Now the sun is shining and the days are warming up, more work can resume, and with the work comes money for new tools to be purchased from retailers, which they will have if they order our new range of products soon."

New tools are much more appealing than older tools, especially when choosing which ones to purchase for future work. Retailers need to cater to the needs of their customers to make the most sales, and stocking up on the right types of new tools is where they can start.

Garrison Dales is a tool wholesaler based in the UK. They have a wide range of products to offer to retailers and industrial customers, including their latest range of new products which can be found on their trade website.

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