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When you think of having a healthy lawn near your doorstep, you think of the cost of maintenance and the time that will take up for this. Artificial Turf is very useful because you just have to incur one time installation cost.

Use of 'Artificial Turf' aka 'Synthetic Turf' has become a preferred alternative to 'Natural Turf' due to a variety of reasons, mainly Cost Saving, Ease of Maintenance, Easy Installation and Always Green Grass.

One of the biggest challenges faced by many schools, gardens and children's nurseries is the muddy puddles in the playgrounds that prevent kids from enjoying outdoors. The reason for this is the use of Natural lawns that are difficult to maintain and tend to get dirty. The ideal alternative for this problem is installation of Artificial lawns that allow children to play outdoors virtually throughout the year.
Another major advantage of using Synthetic turf for the playgrounds is the increased safety for the children. An Artificial turf comes with rubber impact matting that can help the engineer to achieve critical fall heights under swings, slides, climbing frames and other play tools. The synthetic lawns are made up of completely non-toxic material and the grass gives a natural soft feel. So, even if the children slip, slide or fall even several times, the chances of getting hurt are minimal.

Artificial Turf comes with varying pile heights and textures. This property is useful when designing a playground for children with disabilities. For example, a short pile turf makes it easier for children using a wheelchair. Because of the high quality durable turf available nowadays, it can be used for athletic fields as well as it is able to withstand rough play as well as high traffic without wearing off. The in-fill layers keep the turf cushioned from impact and also helps in maintenance of the blades up-tightness. Certain high quality turfs are made up of coated fibers that create a cool surrounding by withstanding and deflecting heat.

Synthetic turf is available in various colours and textures that can be used to create different shapes and pictures that children easily connect to. The turf can be made to fit any size, shape and contour of the field. This makes it a very suitable alternative also for landscaping in schools and other educational institutes.

Post installation, the maintenance of the turf becomes virtually 'Zero' and only regular dusting and removal of debris needs to be done regularly. There is also a huge saving as there is no need for regular watering thereby no need of an irrigation system.

GardenMark is one of the pioneers in this field and has been leading the industry through latest developments & innovations.

GardenMark is your one-stop shop for Synthetic Grass & all the products that you will need for a high quality installation like glue, nails and connecting strips. To know more about our products, please visit our website :

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