Expand Range Of Suet Bird Feeding Products

In light of increased demand over the cold season, have expanded their range of suet products for bird feeding.

Around half of UK birds migrate for the winter, usually to southern France and coastal Africa. With food at a premium in Britain, it makes sense to move off for more temperate climates. For the bird population choosing to remain on the mainland the search for nutrition becomes substantially more difficult.

For bird enthusiasts, providing high quality feed in the winter period can be extremely productive. What birds are left will come from far and wide seeking easy access to high calorie meals, and make an excellent addition to any garden. Considering the drive to provide more high-fat foods in the winter, Garden Centre Online are expanding their range of suet products for feeding birds this winter.

The company is now stocking a range of suet products aimed at both sustaining birds effectively as well as providing a pleasant decorative aspect to sparse winter gardens. They're expanding widely into the ChapelWood brand, now stocking products such as a hanging bamboo suet treat, or half and whole coconut suet treats. Filling out the decorative range are suet soaked pinecones. The entire set can be hung from branches or existing feeders, creating natural centrepieces to the garden serving a functional purpose.

A customer service representative from the company took the time to comment on their stock expansion, and the reasons for introducing it during the winter period. "Most people who feed birds in the winter also do so throughout the entire year. The difference is that despite reduced bird populations, food runs out faster, since the active animals need substantially more calories to sustain themselves. People invest widely in fatty suet along with oily seeds, far more so than in other seasons. In hand with this is the fact that many prefer to see attractive feeders in their gardens, and suet tends to be fairly sparse. Offering decorative suet feeders allows us to satisfy consumers' needs for high fat feed over winter, while also creating authentic, natural decoration around the garden."

Garden Centre Online are a Leyland based retailer of home and gardening supplies, including a comprehensive range of bird feeding products and accessories. By consistently expanding their range to meet seasonal needs they hope to keep their customers well supplied and satisfied the entire year round.

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