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The robin is a classic Christmas bird. However this bird can come under threat when Christmas comes, so it is important to make sure it is well fed and looked after in the winter.

When it comes to Christmas cards, everyone expects at least one with a green, gorgeous Christmas tree on it, with a robin chirping merrily about the base or the top of the tree. This iconic Christmas bird has been around longer than any of us can remember, and the wonderful Christmas icon is something that can be seen on jumpers, crackers, and all manner of different Christmas nostalgic pieces.

There is a certain nostalgia that comes with the robin. Commonly this little bird is not seen throughout the year, even though it is still amongst us. The reason we are less likely to see them during summer is because that is when their food is plentiful. Plenty of robins eat from the forest floor, scavenging beetles and bugs. Throughout the summer time these are in plentiful supply, and such the robin doesn't need to rely on anything but the forest floor to feed it and its baby fledglings should it have bred that year.

However when the weather gets colder, there are less bugs on the ground. That means that seeing the robin is a lot more of a common occurrence. They rely more heavily on humans when the ground freezes over, as we are more likely to have some source of food for them than the forest floor will have.

Because they eat from the forest floor, a robin is much more likely to visit your garden if you have put their food on the floor. This means throwing bird meal, bread crumbs and anything else you want to feed them upon the floor. However it is important that you clean anything that isn't eaten, because otherwise you could attract rats and other vermin.

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