Games For Iphone Developer, Announces Release Of Newest App Armageddon 2012

Leading iPhone and Android game developer is set to release the second title of its newest iPhone game, Armageddon 2012, by end of November.

Mobile and online gaming has been drawing massive interest. Research authority Gartner, Inc., is predicting that by the end of 2011, gaming enthusiasts are set to spend a whopping $74 billion for purchase of electronic gaming products. Mobile devices such as the iPhone and other smartphones will be very prominent gaming gadgets, and the number of iPhone game free downloads and purchases from app stores are predicted to surge, aiding in the ballooning overall game-related spending. True enough, up and coming games are currently either being developed or gearing up for a launch, in a quest to create legions of followings.

Tashlik Studio, a leading company that develops games for iPhone and Android users, is announcing the upcoming release of its newest game for the iPhone: Armageddon 2012. The newest game, which will be coming to iStore by the end of November 2011, lets players do the daring act of saving a dying world while enjoying fast-action adventure on iOS.

Offering a choice two heroic characters of either a dog or a cat, Armageddon 2012's storyline revolves around the plot where the player must save the world. Arguably's best game on iPhone with an apocalyptic theme, Armageddon 2012 players will find themselves running from meteors, driving in the car, flying in jet, shooting meteors - all in one explosive game.

Highly addictive, the character must complete a variety of challenges that will surely get the fingers tapping and adrenaline pumping. The iPhone game also offers fitting action music for each world, bright and clear graphics and challenging gameplay. In addition, levels range from easy to insanely difficult and players are assured of a fast paced, fun gameplay for all ages.

Known for creating mobile phone top games, created Armageddon 2012 to become an addictive, pickup-and-play action game that puts players in the heart of great adventure. Armageddon 2012 is easy to access and allows players to play two main characters in four different game worlds, featuring 20 challenging levels.

Armageddon 2012 is the second installment of a series of iPhone games developed by Its first success was the Angry Tank iPhone game, which captured the hearts of iPhone users earlier in the year.

iPhone gamers who want to be hooked to a frustratingly addictive action-adventure game that promises long hours of challenging fun can visit and learn more about Armageddon 2012 going in November.

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